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YDYH & Cape Cod Waves
Tryout and Team Placement Procedures

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The Yarmouth-Dennis Youth Hockey/Cape Cod Waves (YDYH/CCW) Tryouts and Team Placement Procedures, have been scrutinized and tested over the years. As with any YDYH/CCW process, in order to seem relevant with the current membership, the Tryout/Team Placement Process/Procedures must evolve with the present social norms. Therefore, you may see some changes to the process from previous years.


The YDYH/CCW Board of Directors feel the tryout/team placement procedures will as accurately and as fairly as possible, place the individual players into groups of similarly skilled hockey players. The players final placement is performed by considering various factors as laid out within this document. In addition to the input provided by the YDYH coaches, the program brings independent evaluators to assess the player’s skill level in various hockey tasks. We do not advertise the ratings, rankings and final placement of individual players. The system places the kids as correctly and unbiased as we know.



In order to be eligible for tryouts, all players/parents for the next year’s season are required to perform the following tasks and meet the below requirements prior to the tryouts:

  1. You must register online in advance to the tryouts on the YDYH website (www.ydyouthhockey.com). Registration will be closed prior to the tryouts in order to gather all the information. If a player has not registered online they will not be allowed to tryout.
  2. All previous season’s tuition, fees, and open balances must be paid in full prior to the tryouts. If a player’s account is not current, they will not be allowed to tryout.
  3. The non-refundable tryout fee must be made the first night of tryouts and will be applied to next season’s tuition. If a player has not paid the tryout fee, they will not be allowed to tryout.
  4. Any player within the program must attend at least two tryouts to be placed on an upper level team.
  5. The YDYH bylaws state that if extenuating circumstances arise to a new player or an existing player within the program, the parents must forwarded a letter to the Board of Directors explaining reason for his or her child was absence during initial two tryouts in order to be considered to be placed on an upper level team by the Coaching Review Board.


Tryout Procedures

The actual hockey drills and scrimmage format during tryouts can be decided by the coaches and the independent evaluators running the tryouts. The basis for the evaluation will consist of one night of drills, which will focus on various hockey skills, and will be run by independent evaluators. The second night of tryouts will consist of a scrimmage format (half ice, full ice, 3vs3). The different age classifications, as laid out by USA hockey, will tryout at separate times. A sample of USA Hockey Age Classification and the tryout schedule separate by age classifications is laid out below.


USA Hockey Age Classification

2021 Season USA Hockey Age Classifications


"Playing-Up" Policy

Players who are coming into the second year of their USA Hockey age classification (U10/Squirts or older, Mites are not allowed to skate up per USA Hockey and MA Hockey regulations) have the option of trying out for the next level up if they choose. In addition, the player must also tryout for the age classification that they are determined by USA Hockey. To be eligible to play for the above level team, the player must rank in the top 25% of players in the upper age level and the Board of Directors must vote to allow the move, based upon the impact to the number of players in affected and lower teams. The younger player will not be permitted to play up if their inclusion on the team would take the spot of an age-appropriate player.


Sample Tryout Schedule


Mite Skills 5:30pm

Squirt Skills 6:30pm

Peewee Skills 7:30pm

Bantam Skills 8:30pm


Mite Scrimmage 5:00pm

Squirt Scrimmage 6:00pm

Peewee Scrimmage 7:00pm


Goalies 5:00pm

Bantam Scrimmage 6:00pm

Thursday Snow Day


Cape Cod Waves: Wednesday (Following Week)

5:30 PM - GU10

6:30 PM – GU12

6:30 PM - GU14

7:30 PM - GU16/19


Player Evaluation Process

As described above, the player evaluation process will consist of both Independent Evaluators and YDYH Coaches who will rate each of the players independently. In an attempt to make the rating process as unbiased as possible all players will be provided a numbered pinney and will not be allowed to wear team games jerseys showing their club affiliation. Each evaluator will be provided a rating sheet which will only indicate pinney numbers. Player’s names and affiliations will not be provided to the evaluators. Only the Secretary/Registrar and Player Ranking Committee that are running the tryouts will be privy to the information.


Independent Evaluators

Independent evaluators grade each player at various skills - including skating, stopping, stick handling and shooting. Each player is given a skill rating based on these evaluations. These Independent Evaluators only rate the players during the skills portion of the tryouts. Below is a sample of the Independent Evaluators Rating Sheet.


Independent Evaluator’s Rating Sheet

Independent Evaluator's Rating Sheet


YDYH Coach Evaluation

All YDYH coaches who have coached in the current season are eligible to rate the players trying out, no matter what age group they coached that season. For example, a seasoned coach who has been with the program for 8 years has the ability to evaluate a player differently than a first-year coach. At the same time, this first-year coach who is familiar with a certain age group’s skill level, has firsthand knowledge of that age groups abilities.


All YDYH coaches are requested to rate all the players trying out during the skill sessions in addition to the scrimmage sessions. As with any rating system, the more raters that can evaluate a player, the better the average score will reflect the skill/ability of the child as unbiased as possible. YDYH coaches are all invested in the program’s success not only for their induvial team, but the program as a whole. Below is a sample of the Coach’s Rating Sheet.


YDYH Coach’s Rating Sheet

YDYH Coach's Rating Sheet


Goalie Evaluation

Player evaluation for goalies is somewhat different than normal skaters as their position inherently requires a different skill set then a forward or a defensive player. While goalies are to attend all tryouts (skills and scrimmages) their evaluation is determined from the separate goalie tryout session. All coaches are requested to attend the goalie tryout session. Goalies will be rated using the same Coach’s Rating Sheet.


CC Waves Tryouts

Although the Waves tryouts are held separately then the YDYH tryouts, the overall process is similar. The actual hockey drills and scrimmage format during tryouts can be decided by the coaches running the tryouts. The basis for the evaluation will consist of drills, which will focus on various hockey skills and a scrimmage format (half ice, full ice, 3vs3). Players will be provided a numbered pinney and will not be allowed to wear team games jerseys showing their club affiliation. Each evaluator will be provided a rating sheet which will only indicate pinney numbers. Player’s names and affiliations will not be provided to the evaluators. Only the Secretary/Registrar and Player Ranking Committee that are running the tryouts will be privy to the information.


Player Ranking Committee

The Player Ranking Committee is made up of the President, Vice President and Member Elect. These committee members are the only people privy to the rating sheet and player rankings. YDYH does not advertise the ratings, rankings and final placement of individual players and will not be reviewed with any others and kept confidential.


The Player Ranking Committee spends endless hours after the final tryout to determine final player placement. YDYH BOD is very proud of their dedication and the amount of consideration that goes into every decision.


Player Rankings

All of the Independent Evaluator’s Rating Sheets and YDYH Coach’s Rating Sheets are handed over to the Player Ranking Committee representatives during the tryouts. These individual sheets are entered into two separate spreadsheets. In order to keep the process as unbiased as possible, the Independent Evaluator’s Rating Sheets are provided to the YDYH President and the Coach’s Rating Sheets are given to the YDYH Vice President to input them into the separate spreadsheet for rankings. While inputting the Rating Sheets into the spreadsheet the player’s identities are still unknown. The spreadsheets take the Rating Sheets and average the ratings and arrange the pinney numbers into a ranking order from highest to lowest. The YDYH Member Elect is privy to all this information to ensure the process unbiased.



Independent Evaluators Rating Sheet Input and Rankings Output

Independent Evaluators Rating Sheet Input and Rankings Output

YDYH Coach’s Rating Sheet Input and Ranking Output

YDYH Coach's Rating Sheet Input and Ranking Output


These two independent rankings are then inputted into another spreadsheet that weights the Independent Evaluators Rankings at 40% and the YDYH Coach’s Rankings at 60% of the overall ranking. The spreadsheet then outputs the final player rankings.


Overall Ranking Output

Overall Ranking Output

Related Topics

Player Movement After Tryouts

We hope that as parents and coaches, we can encourage our players to strive to excel in the off season. In fact, there is the potential for players who show improvement to be moved up during the course of the season. This allows the program to move players up if they work hard and exhibit improvement. Mass hockey allows dual rostering if a team is not a National Bound team. YDYH has implemented a policy to allow payers to move up from a lower team to higher team before official rosters are submitted to the league. Please discuss these options with your head coach. Any decisions require board approval.


In conjunction with the above statement once USA Hockey rosters have been submitted to the league, player movement from a lower level team to a higher-level team is restricted by the league. In response YDYH BOD has implemented a rule which requires any player who plays up for any team within YDYH to request board approval above and beyond 3 games. Please contact the YDYH BOD member or the SSC representative with any questions.



Team Sizes (Number of Players on a Team)

The final number of players on any given team will vary as it depends on the overall number of committed players at each age classification. In the past YDYH/CCW have kept team sizes smaller with approximately 10-12 players at all levels. This has caused several issues such team being short players due to illness, injuries and vacations. Over the past few years the lack of player commitment has required YDYH to consolidate teams after the season has begun. This has caused friction within our membership.


Now that YDYH/CCW have been accepted into the South Shore Conference the level of hockey has increased and we are coming up against larger teams who have more depth in their bench (15+ players). Due to the lack of additional players this has cause our teams to fade out in the third period. Moving forward YDYH/CCW will attempt to place 12-15 players on each team within the older age classifications. While the Mite level teams, we will be targeting 11-12 players. Again, this hinges on the final player commitment.


YDYH Commitment, Payment and Refund Policy

Once the final team rosters have been published, each player is required to secure their position on their team by committing financially. If the commitment fee is not paid within two weeks of team announcements, your son or daughter’s spot on the team will be given to the next eligible player as described by the YDYH/CCW team placement policy. In addition it is crucial that we have financial commitments from all players so we can plan the number of teams for the upcoming season and register the appropriate team levels with the South Shore Conference based on the team's skill level and experience. Please view the full YDYH Commitment, Payment and Refund Policy on the website for more information. This commitment fee is non-refundable.



YDYH/CCW BOD is very proud of their dedication and the amount of consideration that went into the YDYH/CC Waves Tryout and Team Placement Procedures. If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to contact the YDYH Member Elect or any other Board Member. The tryout process at YDYH has taken many years to develop and we continue to try & improve it each year.


To dowload a PDF of this policy, click here.