YDYH and Cape Cod Waves 2022-23 Season Tuition

6U/8U Mites* (born 2014-2017) - $1,450.00

G10U and Squirts (born 2012 & 2013) - $1,650.00

G12U and Pee Wees (born 2010 & 2011) - $1,650.00

G14U and Bantams (born 2008 & 2009) - $1,650.00

G19U/G16U Half Season Teams (born 2003-2007) - $1,000.00 (Coached by Cape Cod Hockey)

16U/18U Half Season Teams (born 2004-2007) - $1,000.00 (Coached by Cape Cod Hockey)

Alternate Player (limited availability, depends on number of rostered full tuition players) - $1,000.00 


*Full Ice Mite Team - if parents and coaches of an A level Mite team decide to participate in the South Shore Conference Full Ice Mite Program, the team will become the South Shore Great Whites for the second part of the season. USA Hockey does not insure mites at a full ice level and there will be an additional registration and charge through the South Shore Conference for the purchase of this insurance ($350 in the 2020/21 Season, final cost will be quoted at the time of decision). Players will also be responsible for the purchase of an additional jersey for this team. Should the team elect, they may fundraise to cover these costs or can choose to pay individually. The decision to participate at the full ice level and whether to fundraise is a team decision undertaken by team parents and coaches for eligible teams each year.


Commitment Fee and Payment Schedule

A commitment fee is due 2 weeks after the team placements are posted. You will receive an email notifying you to check the website for your team placement.


Tuition Payment Schedule

Any tryout fees paid for the season are credited toward your full tuition balance along with the commitment fee.

We offer two tuition payment options that are elected during tryout registration:


Option 1: Tuition that is paid in full at time of commitment will receive a $100 discount on the full tuition for the season. 

Option 2: A tuition payment plan which requires a commitment fee of $425 to be paid within two weeks of the posting of team placements and then three additional $400 payments which will be posted and due by June 1, July 1 and August 1. Discount will be removed from any unpaid balances as of May 1

Scholarship Assistance

If you require tuition assistance and would like to be considered for a scholarship, please send an email to our President or Secretary (ydyhsecretary@gmail.com) explaining your hardship and requesting assistance.