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April 27, 2020

YDYH Members,

I am reaching out to all our members to provide an update of where we stand as an organization and the upcoming season. As a board we are continually monitoring the present COVID-19 situation. Ultimately we will need to ensure that, as a Board, we feel comfortable moving forward with any on-ice tryouts, practices and ultimately the 2020-2021 season. As such, we will be following the recommendations of the State, USA Hockey, Mass Hockey and the South Shore Conference. I am sure there are a number of questions concerning the status of payments already made to YDYH, tryouts, team placements, and commitment fees for next season. Hopefully I can address a number of these questions within this email. This is a lengthy email but I have tried to send out as much information as possible to keep everyone informed. Please read the entire email, but ensure you review the revised financial commitment requirements for the upcoming seasonIn order to secure our programs spot within the South Shore Conference, YDYH must have team commitments into the SSC by May 18th. In order for YDYH to commit, we require commitments from our members. Prior to COVID-19 surfacing we had revised our commitment policies and payment schedule but this is no longer applicable for this season. We understand the financial situation this epidemic has placed some of our members in. Therefor we will be revising the required commitment fees and due dates as described below.

Team Placements

Due to the tryouts being postponed we presently have not completed the team placements. YDYH/CCW has every intention on having tryouts later in the Summer in order to ensure that the teams have been selected to best represent your players ability and skill level. This is to ensure that they can be placed on the appropriate team to play with similarly skilled players. In the meantime we have issued a player evaluation form to each of the 2019-2020 coaches. These forms are extremely thorough and capture all aspects of a players skill, ability, player conduct/sportsmanship. The forms are all encompassing and portray a very accurate look of each player. Again we have every intention of having tryouts but if the situation does not improve and we find we find ourselves in a spot where tryouts cannot occur in a timely fashion the Board is leaving all avenues open.  None of the Board Members feel this is the best process in selecting teams but it may be necessary. Plymouth and other SSC towns have already selected their teams in this manner. We require all player evaluation forms to be submitted by the coaches ASAP.

Mite 1 Full Ice

Due to the success of our full ice Mite team this past year the 2020-2021 Mite 1 team will be placed in the full ice division. If you son or daughter is placed on this team you will need to commit to the added cost of $350 for insurance and additional costs for Jerseys, warm ups etc. These costs will be reviewed at a later date. If you are unable or unwilling to commit financially, your son or daughter will be placed on the Mite 2 team and their spot will be given to the next deserving player. More information will be issued closer to the season.

2020-2021 Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for this season are as follows:

  1. All Mite Teams $1,250.00
  2. Squirt (U10) thru Bantam (U14) $1,450.00
  3. Full Season Girls GU10 thru GU14 $1,350.00
  4. Short Season Teams U18 and GU19 $750.00
  5. Full time goalies for Squirts thru Bantams, GU10 thru GU14 girls will receive a $300 discount
  6. Families with 3 or siblings in the program will receive a $200 discount
  7. If payments are made in full by September 1st a $100 (per player) discount can be applied to the above tuition rates.

Registration/Commitment Payments

Due to the present financial situation we have amended our commitment fee schedule for this season only. As indicated above, YDYH/CCW are required to make financial commitments to the SSC in the coming months. I addition we will need to commit to game and practice ice. Therefor it is important that we receive player commitments as described below.

  1. Registration will be re-opened Wednesday April 29th to allow any families who have not yet registered to do so. It will subsequently close Friday May 8th. If you know someone interested in playing next season please have them register. This is a must! Due to the uncertainty of the number of teams and commitments we may be unable to allow late registrations. The registration fee will remain at $100 for YDYH teams and $25 for CC Waves Teams. If you have already registered and paid you are all set. PLEASE LOG ON AND CONFIRM YOUR SON OR DAUGHTER IS REGISTERED for the appropriate season.
  2. The first commitment payment of $200 will be due June 1st.  This fee is required for all YDYH/CCW Teams, including short season teams. This payment will be required to secure your son or daughters place within the program.
  3. The second commitment payment of $200 will be due July 1st. This fee is required for all YDYH/CCW Teams, including short season teams. This payment will be required to secure your son or daughters place within the program.
  4. An additional payment of ½ of the remaining tuition will be due August 1st. .  An invoice with the applicable amount will be issued prior to August.
  5. The balance owing will be due September 1st. No player will be allowed on the ice without their tuition being paid in full. An invoice with the applicable amount will be issued prior to September.

Tuition Assistance

You may or may not be aware but YDYH provides a tuition assistance scholarship for families who may not be able to afford the full cost of tuition. These scholarships are in part due to the generosity of the Alex Diamantopoulos Fund. YDYH will provide up to $500 per family for full season players. For more information please reach out to myself, Alan Goode or Meredith Gallant.


As we don’t have player commitments/team placements made yet and due to the present COVID-19 situation,  we have not schedule a uniform fitting date with our uniform supplier. As soon as we know more we will let you know.

2019-2020 Banquet/Awards

The 2019-2020 Year-End Banquet will not be held. We have purchased all the players trophies and various additional awards. We plan on distributing them to the players at the beginning of next season. We will most likely set up some sort of Free Skate Night to handout the awards and recognize the exceptional talent for the players and the commitment of coaches.

Last Resort - Cancelled Season

If we find ourselves in a situation where the governing bodies feel that the 2020-2021 season ultimately should be cancelled, then YDYH will reimbursed any fees our members have paid prior to the start of the season. This will not include any uniforms costs or equipment purchased by each individual. This is subject to change and will be determined by any financial commitments the program has made, when the season was cancelled etc.  YDYH will not profit in any way and keep any payments made by our members, that we are able to reimburse. Please note that after the commitment fees are paid, if you voluntary withdrawal your son or daughter, a refund of the registration (tryout) fee and the commitment fee payments will not be reimbursed.

Most recent SSC Update 4/22

  1. Y8 (Mite)
    1. Games are scheduled to start on 9/18
    2. The schedule going thru 11/27 w/e. 
    3. Mite 1 teams will be  ¾ ice 11/27 and Mite 2 teams will be 1/2  ice. 
    4. Mite 1 full ice games will start w/e of 12/4
    5. Mite 2 divisions will go to 3/4 ice on 12/4.
    6. Mite 3 and 4 team League Placement will be determined once commitments have been paid. Similar to last year they will play in the Falmouth League or as a House Team. This is subsequent to change.
  2. Y10 (Squirt) thru Y14 (Bantam) and GU10 thru GU14
    1. Games will be starting on 9/18 and ending 1st schedule on November 15th with less divisions to start.
  3. Y18 Boys and GU 19 girls short season teams
    1. Team registration are required by May 18th
    2. Y18 Boys and GU19 games will start 2 weeks later than norm,  Sept 4 weekend subject to change. 
    3. They will play 13 games and end on 11/22.  First place “sweatshirts” will be awarded, no playoffs.
    4. Short season  games will be billed in June,   payable by July 15 a month later than normal. 
    5. Levels being offered are  Y 18 A,  Y 18B Herman,  y 18 B Re and Girls 19 A and 19B.

Misc League Info

  1. All realignment requests due Oct 19th and expand divisions
  2. Short season byes, if any, by July 15 and full season teams by 8/1 for games thru  11/29
  3. Dynamo Tryouts are still going to be held but is subject to change. Not date issued yet.
  4. 2019-2020 Lobster Pot is cancelled.
  5. Board Position Elections for the 2020-2021 Season will be held at the end of May. More information will be forthcoming.

As a Board we are doing everything in our power to plan for the upcoming season but things are ever changing. We hope that all of our members remain healthy and safe. All of above information is subject to change with Covid 19 status, Mass/USA Hockey and state regulations. Feel free to reach out to any of our board members with any questions.

Thank you and be Safe

Jon Manuel

YDYH President