September 11, 2019

Present- Alan, Jon, Kim, Meredith, Dennis, Jill, Jason, Kirsten

Absent- Bobby, Annette

Review of budget- We have paid for game ice to SSC. Bought smaller nets for mites. Possibly use Capital Funds for new coaches equipment. Pucks, grow jerseys, socks etc. Scholarships for skaters. Scholarship fund is growing.

Jon would like to talk more about scholarship offerings to families bc of growing fund.

Still waiting on people to pay, many are on payment plans.

Budget accepted.

Capital Budget- TKA wants update appearance of rink. Scoreboard and sign out front could be updated. Price could be split between YDYH & Tony Kent. Other options for funds- locker rooms? Dennis suggested spending a percentage a year of the fund on something for rink. Alan suggested a sit down with TKA to review things that could be updated. Kim would like money to go towards girls programs. Trying to figure out how to improve program as well as rink.

Rosters- Player has requested to join Squirt team. Board to decide if we can still add players to teams or cap the number. Offer for a player to be alternate, practice fill in at games. Roster 15 per team with the option for 5 alternates. Thunderbird to be alternate for squirt 2 and must be paid in full. 

Movement of players- Cj made a suggestion to move a player to up. Alan would like to make a motion to not move him up. Also made a motion cap player movements up at 3 and have a conversation with board prior to 4th move. 

Dennis wants to address a new tryout process. New plan to be addressed possibly in the late fall.

Timekeepers are set. 

General membership meeting Oct 16. Jill to email Kristin to change date Oct 15. 6pm. Cover issues before then have general meeting. 

Coaches meeting- may be reoccurring.

Cranberry Tournament- 42 teams pre registered. 

Outdoor boards to be used possibly, plan in the works.

YDYH in Seaside parade maybe next year.  Good exposure for program. 

TKA update- meeting next week. No real updates. Rink would like to put new mats out front with YDYH and CC Waves logo. Jill to get from Dawn to send out.

Jon ordered game socks will be in first week in October.  2nd round of uniforms will be here second week of October. Can get temporary one if need be. Bryan to give coaches a spare set. 

Dennis motions to dismiss. All in favor.

Submitted by Jill Penna, YDYH Secretary