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  Board of Directors Meeting

June 5, 2019


In attendance: Theda Swanson, Dennis Lanzetta, Alan Goode, Lindsay Marceau, Jenn Armandi, Jon Manuel, Radley Jones

Absent: Anthony Baroni, Jeff Johnson, Annette Contonio, Bobby Callachan, Lisa Mingo


1). Board Development

  • Introduction of new board members
    • New board members present – Jason Shea, Meredith Gallant & Jil lPenna

2). Treasurer’s Report

  • Reminder that all financials are confidential, and any questions should be directed to Bobby & Jon.
  • Bobby will be re-working the income/expense codes to ensure items are more accurately accounted for going forward.
  • Summer Splash needs to raise $20,000 to be within budget parameters.

Theda makes a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented; Dennis seconds the motion. The motion passes unanimously.

  • Quick discussion about the Alex Diamantopoulos Memorial Fund. Jon to meet with Alex’s father to further discuss the needs of the program and how to have the most impact for the players.

3). On the Ice

  • Originally had 9 teams, placed girls into a short season for the South Shore conference. Additional discussion about the U18 boys’ team, which will mean we have a total of 11 teams in the SSC.
  • Alan Goode will be the SSC League Rep. Alan mentioned that folks from the SSC are willing to come down and have a meeting with the U18 boys’ & Bantams to discuss penalties & checking.
  • Commitment Payments
    • Bantams – 2 players and 1 goalie have decided not to play.
      • Dennis asked about having alternate players for the Bantam teams; offering some ice time and a few guaranteed games to ensure we have enough players to play games.
    • Most other teams have a high % of commitments, far above where we were this time last year.
    • Squirt goalie situation is still a concern, need to discuss efforts around recruiting for these positions.
  • Summer Hockey – interest in summer hockey from players, but need someone to organize efforts. Dennis expressed interest in stepping up to assist.
  • Radley presented a slate of coaches for the 2019-2020, with the exception of the U18 boys as this team is a fairly new and coaching selection is yet complete. Radley will submit a list of persons who applied to be a coach for the 2019-2020 season.

Theda makes a motion to accept the slate as recommended by the coaching committee; Lindsay seconds the motion. The motion passes unanimously.

4). Fundraising Efforts

  • Summer Splash is on September 7 at Chapin’s Fish & Chips.
    • Sponsorship deadline is 2 weeks before
    • Online ticket sales are open
  • Cranberry Tournament – need to start looking at a director

5). Tony Kent Update

  • Currently no ice at the rink – should be back in by Sunday
  • Looking for the YD game schedule; should have it in June
  • There’s a gentleman who wants to purchase the boards we bought for cheap money from MV. Decided to hold on to the boards for now
  • Theda gave a quick overview of how the Tony Kent board operates to the new board members


6). Other Business

Radley makes a motion to purchase a YD Youth Hockey owned laptop of up to $500 for the secretary’s use; Dennis seconds the motion. After some discussion and dissent, the vote is split 4 yay, 2 nay – motion carries.


Theda makes a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:05 PM; Alan seconds the motion. The motion passes unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,


Jennifer Armandi

YDYH Secretary