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Board Meeting March 20, 2019

In Attendance: Jon Manuel, Alan Goode, Theda Swanson, Dennis Lanzetta, Lindsay Marceau, Annette Contonio, Jennifer Armandi

Absent: Jeff Johnson, Anthony Baroni, Radley Jones, Bobby Callachan

Meeting called to order at 5:36 PM

1). Treasurer’s Report – Review of balance sheet. All outstanding balances paid in full before tryouts. Review of budget and additional line items. Recommendation that moving forward that line items are clearer for easier review.

2). Board Development – Jenn gave a quick update with where we are at with nominations for the 2019-2020 board of directors.  

3). On the Ice – Waves tryout flyers distributed to the schools tomorrow. Jon gave an update on which coaches/volunteers will be available for ranking during tryouts. We need to be sure the link going out on the tryouts flyer works on the backend.

Tryouts – 134 kids tried out for the Dolphins, plus with the Waves teams we will have an increase of 30 kids.

2019-2020 Teams.

Mites 1 & 2 – 11 players, in SSC Mites 3 – 10 players, in Falmouth , and Mites 4 – 10 players in either Falmouth or House. Option for Mite 1 to play full ice. Theda suggests having conversation prior to the tryouts/during the hockey season discuss this option to be sure all parents on the same page for the option for full ice.

Theda makes motion to accept the Mite teams as presented for the 2019-2020 season. Alan seconds the motion and it passes unanimously.

Squirt 1 & 2 – 13 players Squirt 3 – 12 players; need to address goalie situation.

Theda makes motion to accept the Squirt teams as presented. Alan seconds and the motion and it passes unanimously.

Pee Wee – 12 kids on each team+ 2 goalies on each team

Bantam – 20 skaters and 0 goalies. Suggestion to divide into 2 teams with moving up 2 Pee Wee goalies and 4 Pee Wee skaters. Therefore 12 skaters for each team + 2 goalies for each team. Jon to meet with Bantam & Pee Wee coaches about which 4 kids would be moved up to the B team.

Theda would like to make a motion to move 4 skater players and 2 goalies to Bantam. Alan seconds the motion, motion passes.

Theda would like to make a motion to have 24 Bantam players, split into 2 Bantam teams with 2 goalies each. Pee Wee players will be placed on the B team. Alan seconded the motion. The motion passes.

Theda makes a recommendation for coaches to call to announce placements before parents receive notification via e-mail.

Jon hopes to have all teams placed by mid-week next week.

Presently, the way we work tryout rankings 60% YDYH coaches and 40% Barnstable coaches. Jon’s concern is the way we weight tryouts and allowing coaches from another town to rank our players based on a 10-15 minute review. Theda makes a suggestion to also use the next year eligible coach rank players in a

4). Fundraising Efforts

Summer Splash – Chapins Fish and Chips: September 7th

5). Tony Kent Update

  • Proposal was sent around to the BOD for review. We are being asked to consider making a contribution towards an as-built. Continued discussion around changes happening at TKA as well as a quick overview from Theda about the operational process of the TKA board.  

Making a motion to accept the proposal that Dennis prepared, but with further discussion decided to wait until Anthony, Bobby & Radley are able to provide guidance.

6). Other Business

  • Summer Hockey – Request for $10,000 to fund summer hockey clinics & scrimmages, between July & September. Lew Alberti said he’d assist in this effort. To be continued until next meeting.

Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 10th, 2019.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Armandi, YDYH/CC Waves Secretary