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 Board of Directors Meeting

February 13, 2019


In attendance:  Jon Manuel, Radley Jones, Bobby Callachan, Lindsay Marceau, Jennifer Armandi, Annette Contonio, Lisa Mingo, Dennis Lanzetta

Absent: Theda Swanson, Anthony Baroni, Jeff Johnson


Treasurer Reports

At this point in the year, the only revenue we will obtain will be from Summer Splash

Practice ice budget at $15,000, awards banquet is $3000, skills is $600

Bobby reviewed the net income based on projections


Board Development

End of April deadline for votes


On the Ice

South Shore Conference Meeting Feb 26th 6pm

  • Review of Alan’s memo to the membership for the meeting


Tuition Increase

  • Waves Tuition – tabled for now
  • YD Dolphin Tuition will be reviewed via e-mail by February 21, 2019

Commitment Payments

  • Discussion around increasing commitment fees and process


Annette makes motion for $100 tryout fee, $500 commitment fee with a due date by April 15th.  No


Annette makes a second motion for $100 tryout fee, additional $400 commitment due within 2 weeks of team placement. Jenn Armandi will second the motion. Further discussion was had amongst the board. 6 votes yay, 1 nay.


Radley makes a motion to offer tuition reduction of $100 if commitment fee is paid within 2 weeks of team placement. Dennis seconded the motion. Further discussion was had by the board. Motion passes unanimously.


Waves Tryouts – more discussion about this within the next few weeks.


Uniforms Moving Forward

  • Jon took inventory of all old uniforms, all numbers are assigned to a current player. If when a player is moving into another age bracket, the existing player on the team will keep his/her number.
  • Discussion was had regarding new jerseys going forward in the program.


Alan made a motion that going forward in the 2019-2020 parents buy jerseys for their players either through Pop Top or at a reduced rate through the YD program.


Theda makes a motion to adjourn the meeting. Aland seconds the motion. The motion passes unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted,


Jennifer Armandi, YDYH/CC Waves Secretary