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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – General Membership Meeting   

October 4, 2017

Present: Meg Willis, John Terrio, Jon Manuel, Theda Swanson, Jeff Johnson, Radley Jones, Anthony Baroni, Jess Metzler, Chris Martin, Lindsay Marceau, Jennifer Armandi

Absent: Lisa Mingo, Bobby Callachan


Disciplinary Discussion

  • Closed session for BOD

1). On the Ice

  • Season Update – SNEHC finishing parity round. Talk to coaches to determine where their team should fall, if they should move up or down levels. Goa is to keep kids as high as possible for competition, and need to ensure our teams are placed appropriately.

  • Kudos to Meg for ice scheduling – doing a great job in her first year in role.

  • Question on Mite 1; cross-ice? ¾ ice? SNEHC said ½ ice at 4 man teams.

  • GU19 issue with commitment from girls. Solution? Nauset coaches, etc. see about recruiting girls for away games. GU14, 2nd in their division. Sal said things are going well. Good team this year.

  • Mites; C and house division. Request from Falmouth to have a U6 team for Falmouth. Chris to look into this as a part of 2nd year GROW. Chris to ask about discounting price for a brand new U6 team.

  • Question from Jon about why involved with SNEHC vs South Shore League. It was discussed that the level of play is better in SNEHC as well as the fact that South Shore League teams won’t travel past Barnstable, so no home games among other reasons why.

  • Currently have 137 kids in program; focus on recruiting younger kids to bolster future teams.

  • Skills – continue through end of season

  • GROW – Opening Registration for tomorrow; starting November 4th (Amended since meeting to start October 28th)

    • Question about girls only GROW -- we will have to see the number of girls that registered

  • Girls Public Skate Event

    • CCT doing article on event as well


2). Treasurer Reports

  • Tuition needs to be cleaned up on the books

  • Discussion about moving money from low-interest bearing accounts into something earning more bps

Theda Swanson made a motion to approve Treasurer Reports as presented, Radley Jones seconded the motion. Motion passes unanimously.


3). Cranberry Tournament

  • 72 teams registered

  • BOD – get as many sponsors as possible for the booklet

  • Jenn to work with Jess on photographer

  • Jess needs tee-shirt/sweatshirt Vendor same from last year


4). TKA

  • President and Town of Dennis Rep has stepped down. Looking for people to replace the vacant positions

  • Concerns about younger kids in the rink; Jon sent e-mail to YD organization expressing rink’s concerns


5). Other Business

  • Merchandise Sales – going well, more pop up logo wear sales planned for the future

  • Outdoor Rink – Chris went before planning board today; should be able to move along quickly


Meeting Adjourned – 6:38 PM


Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Armandi