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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2017


In Attendance: Theda Swanson, Lisa Mingo, Radley Jones, Jon Manuel, Meg Willis, Bobby Callachan, Jennifer Armandi, Chris Martin, Jessica Metzler

Absent: Anthony Baroni, Lindsay Marceau, John Terrio, Jeff Johnson


1). On the Ice

Season is Underway, skills is scheduled to run on Tuesday & Friday nights. Jess asked if we could send out a reminder about how skills were funded this year (through funds raised at Summer Splash.) Meg asked for clarification on how long we are committing to the ice time so she can appropriately communicate with TKA. At this point, we are committing to 20 weeks of skills.


2). Treasurer Reports

Gross Tuition is 109.53% over budget. Suggestion to start on October 1st – request funds from parents who haven’t paid/set up payment plans. Additional suggestion to breakout who has/hasn’t paid based on team rosters and notify coaches to assist in collection of tuition.

$34,000 of net income from last year – moved 25,000 into capital budget fund. Electronic Payments – up and running so parents can pay invoices with a credit card. At this time, all requests from parents for reimbursements are approved.

Theda Swanson made a motion to accept the treasurer’s reports as presented, Jon Manuel seconded the motion, and the motion carries unanimously. 


3). Cranberry Tournament

At this time, we have 68 Teams pre-registered with 19 teams having paid in full. Age groups participating in the tournament are U10, U14, U16 & U19. Deadline to register is October 1st. Jess will be looking for volunteers. We will pay to have Tabor facility covered. The schedule will be firmed up in October.

In past years, we’ve had a lottery/raffle at each rink as an additional fundraising measure.

  • Lottery/Raffle at each rink

  • October – schedule will be firmed up, especially once we have the payments.


4). Tony Kent Update

In October, a new board will be elected; current president is leaving the board. John is heading up nominating committee for new officers.

Theda and Jess gave an overview of Live Barn, which streams games live from ice rinks. This is especially helpful for parents of multiple players that may have to be at different rinks. Theda is requesting the TKA board agree to install, especially to have in time for the Cranberry Tournament.

Outdoor rink – TKA voted to approve the outdoor rink, now needs to go to board. Chris needs to get new quotes for paving and fencing. Still expect it to run $50-$60K. By October 1st, we should have more information. Idea to do outdoor event to showcase the new rink; more to come on this.


5). Other Business

  • Merchandise Sales – Discussion around staffing a booth to sell logo wear at practices/games. Jess discussed sign up genius to help organize parents/volunteers. Jess will set up totes to organize inventory. Jenn asked questions concerning payments; only 1 credit card swiper, control over cash, etc. Logistics to be worked out after board meeting. Consideration to have a merchandising committee to oversee initiatives such as this.

  • Jenn asked about logos; we currently utilize multiple logos for our teams. Need to refresh and update logo. Dirk Metzler created logos for the teams, to present at a later time to the board for approval.

  • Lisa asked that each board member submit a CORI form and complete their Safe Sport certification (per the league’s request.) Lisa to attend a league meeting on Thursday, September 14th.


Disciplinary Discussion regarding Mite 1 coach.

Theda Swanson made a motion to suspend Mite 1 Head Coach being on the ice until further discussion, investigation of the situation and review of bylaws. Jenn seconded the motion. After discussion Theda retracted her motion.

Theda Swanson made a motion to institute a 1 week suspension until the executive officers have a chance to review the situation within the next 5 days and come to a decision on final discipline. After discussion Theda retracted her motion.

Radley Jones made a motion to dismiss the Mite 1 Head Coach effective immediately. This vote needs a 2/3 majority vote to pass. Jon Manuel seconded the motion. All board members present passed the motion unanimously.

An assistant coach of the current team will assume responsibilities of the head coach.


Meeting Adjourned – 7:05 PM


Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Armandi