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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2017  

In Attendance: Anthony Baroni, Theda Swanson, Lisa Mingo, Radley Jones, Jon Manuel, Meg Willis, Lindsay Marceau, Bobby Callachan, Jennifer Armandi, John Terrio & Jeff Johnson

Absent: Chris Martin

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Board Members!


President – Anthony Baroni

Vice President – Jon Manuel

Secretary – Jennifer Armandi

Treasurer – Bobby Callachan

Tony Kent Representatives – John Terrio & Theda Swanson

Member Elect – Radley Jones

Ice Scheduler – Meg Willis

Registrar – Lisa Mingo

Director of Girls Hockey – Lindsay Marceau

Equipment Manager – Jeff Johnson

Director of Coaching – Radley Jones


1). On the Ice

SNEHC: Parity round up through Columbus Day; weekend after is bye week, do not need ice that weekend. Put top teams in Smythe level.

Mites 1 will play full ice this year. MA Hockey is not allowing full ice for Mites. However, we will have to buy external insurance to allow full ice play. That team will run as independent program. YD Mites 1 = paying to practice with YD, however, would be SNEHC as another team. Whales looking to travel with us, depends on maturity of team. Do we have the option of drop down once season is starting? Mites 1 scheduled for first 6 weeks as full ice, to ensure teams were all competitive with one another. Goal of full ice is to pass/move puck, develop skills. Mites 2 going into Falmouth league.

Practice schedule – Review of the proposed practice schedule. A lot of Mite players and an additional squirt team this year vs 2016-2017. Schedule will be determined if we can get the 5:10 slot on Fridays; to be determined once we hear from TKA.

2). Treasurer Reports

June 30th Reports – Accounts Receivable – negative, money sitting in line item because tuition hasn’t been yet billed. Equipment Deposits – Cleaning up from GROW program refunds.

               Bobby will be working on cleaning up QuickBooks for the start of our 2017-2018 season.

               Cranberry Tournament – Funds raised transfer over to capital committee.

               Ice Expense – lower than budgeted by almost $15,000.

               Logo wear – Purchase of logo items to sell on website

               End of year banquet – cost us $5700, brought in $2800; costing us $3000, right on budget

John Terrio made a motion to accept the treasurer's reports as presented, Theda Swanson seconded the motion, and the motion carries unanimously.

3). Budget Proposal

Cranberry Tournament income – moves through to Capital Funds

  • Chris working on long term capital plan

               Tuition should pay for ice and administration

               Summer Splash, pay for Skills?

Cranberry Tournament – growing hockey program and capital fund

Tournament funds – ONLY budgeted for mites/Lobster Pot


Expenses – budgeted $18,000 funded by the Summer Splash

  • Who is in charge of appointing skills director? Radley, Chris & Anthony are discussing it.

  • Scholarships – budgeted $5,000

  • Reduced accounting fees

  • Website costs – 2 websites; $500 to host each website. Cranberry Tournament & YD Hockey

Tuition staying low, yet providing extras to players.

Eliminated practice jerseys – great overall savings, still need to spend about $12,000 on equipment.


After discussion, Jenn Armandi made a motion to accept budget as presented, Theda Swanson seconded the motion, and the motion carries unanimously.

John Terrio made a motion to eliminate discount for sibling discount (nominal amount for parents, overall gain for program.) Theda Swanson seconded the motion, and the motion carries unanimously. 

Jenn Armandi made a motion for the board to approve the following tuition structure: $825 for mites, $1025 for squirts+, goalie tuition is $780. U19 team pays ½ tuition due to half season. John Terrio seconded the motion, and the motion carries unanimously.

4). Tony Kent Update

John Terrio gave a quick overview of the TKA structure. Neal Donahue no longer DY Coach, stepping down as President from TKA. Sometime in September, TKA will announce new president, in the process of accepting nominations to the board. Currently, 11 board members, 9 voting. Continued friction between the management and groups that rent ice at the rink. 5:10 ice time is wanted, currently given to outside competing group. Financial well being overall good at the rink; manager has done a good job with budgeting. Feeling is rink is under-utilized; why?

5). Other Business

Going forward, our meeting 2nd Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM, to meet at Tony Kent in upstairs boardroom.

Meg brought to the BOD attention about Sunday requests from TKA manager; asked to sign a contract. After discussion, Theda Swanson made a motion that the board NOT sign a contract, Jenn Armandi seconded the motion, and the motion carries unanimously.

Street Hockey – not moving forward as previously discussed at this point


Meeting Adjourned – 6:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Armandi, YDYH/Cape Cod Waves Secretary