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March 8, 2017 – Board of Directors Meeting Minutes/General Membership Meeting

In Attendance: Kelley Sullivan, Lindsay Marceau, Chris Martin, Anthony Baroni, Jeff Johnson, John Terrio, John Julian, Jennifer Armandi

Absent: Dan Popovich, Marc Howard, Trish McDowell

Guests: Rory Eames, Jocelyn Howard


Meeting called to order @ 6:07 PM

1). On the Ice

Waves Tryouts – Coaches will blast out tryout information to other organizations. Combine U16, have 1 U16, U19. Dates set at March 28 & March 30, time TBD; depends on number of kids. Advertise U12? Do we have enough kids? Coach willing to run it? Rory says there are about 4-5 girls that they know of that want U12 team. 

Dolphins Tryouts – 58 sign ups, 85% paid online. Steve from Barnstable brings own rating sheets, Kelley says we are all set with pineys. Continue to urge parents to pay online prior to tryouts; makes check-in process go more smoothly. There are a lot of Mites trying out; separate by age and break into 2 groups.  

Cross-Ice Mites – MA Hockey isn't permitting full-ice. SNEHC is running full ice; don't want to lose Mites to a team that plays full ice if the player is more skilled. Spoke to Lower Cape about possibly having 1 mite team. Cross-Ice Mites/Home with other towns, not just Falmouth.

'Select Team' Squirt & Pee Wee (maybe Bantam) to mix with Lower Cape; run Friday – Sunday afternoon schedule; keep kids in both organizations/supplement both teams. 

Midgets – Coaches interested in running midget team. Revisit this item next month. 

Question from Ms. Eames – When do we select coaches? Marc collects applications, run process. Head coach recommendations are made and selected; head coach picks assistant coach. 


2). 2017-2018 Season

Coaches – We started receiving applications, missing 1 or 2 levels. Do we have the right coaches?  Teams are driven by the numbers. 

‘Select Teams’ – good for the kids;  We should have a select Team at each level. Works well. 

Comment from Ms. Howard – coaching on select team is just better; has to be about the right coaches and parents need to see progress. 

Waves – Anthony wants coaches penciled in as far in advance as possible. Block scheduling to allow multiple games. 

Commentary from Ms. Howard – Waves II team, not having a stellar year. Issues surrounding coaching of the U14 team; lack of numbers. Kelley - says schedule was released and girls couldn't commit to both schedules.   Jocelyn - Feels girls are owed something for their season; not a 'team.' Feels we should have folded the girls into one team or move kids from the A Team to B Team. Other alternatives? Offer to play on another team or rebate fees. 

Anthony – At this time, we cannot go backwards, but can learn from this season to take insight in future seasons. Suggestion to bring parents in and have a separate meeting to discuss (schedule for near future.)


3). Financials/Treasurer’s Report

Summer Splash – One of the advertising perks is to have an ad or logo on the big white space at TKA. Committee is doing well, need to get donation items.

Request for reimbursement – we received a request from a parent that wants partial tuition reimbursement as her player couldn’t participate in some of the season. Concern regarding what precedent would this start. Do we institute a cutoff for missing part of a season? 

Kelley Makes motion for a new policy only for medical considerations that if a player is out for 60% of the season, inclusive of games and practices, we will consider rebating up to 50% of the tuition. 

John J - Motion to reconsider as to add addendum - credit tryout fee for this specific request as we did not previously have a policy for such instances.   Chris Martin seconds, motion passes unanimously. Kelley will communicate with family about our decision.


4). Tony Kent Update

Barry O'Neil is offering a 2017 Summer Camp. Wants to get involved in our organization. Will attend next board meeting,. He knows when our tryouts are, will try and stop by for a portion of it. 


5). Board Development

All current board members are actively looking to recruit volunteers; discussion postponed until next meeting.


6). Other Business

Banquet originally scheduled for Thursday April 6th at Irish Village, however due to a conflict with the 6th grade Science Museum sleepover, we will look at alternative dates.    

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM. Next meeting TBD.


Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Armandi