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President / Chairman of the Board

The President shall be responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Set the goals and direction of the Association for the year and lead the BOD and YDYH program to hitting said goals

  • Planning and Presides monthly Board meetings in a professional and efficient  manner

  • Appoint non-elected committee director positions

  • In the event that any voting member of the Board of Directors resigns or is unable to perform their duties, the President will appoint a replacement, subject to the majority vote of the Board of Directors

  • Reviews any announcements, written correspondence or concerns of membership

  • Supervise and control business and affairs of all BOD and Appointed Committee

  • Chair Disciplinary Committee

  • Audit all Association bank statements monthly designated a Board member to do so

  • May authorize any expenditure up to $200

  • In charge of season try-out ratings during try-outs in conjunction with the Registrar

  • Host Annual Banquet

  • One Voting Privilege and in the event of a tie - shall cast a vote


Vice President

The Vice President shall be responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Oversee the Fundraising Committee and all activities undertaken by the Association related to the generation of non-tuition monies

    • Assume role of Fundraising Event chair(s) in the case none have been established

  • Direct  Hockey Operations

    • Work with Coaching director & coaches on overseeing all instructional player development programs

    • Create & Maintain practice plans per level

  • Assume and discharge duties of President in his/her absence

  • Work with President on strategic planning for upcoming season(s), events and further development of program

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • Assumes One Voting Privilege



The Treasurer shall be responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Receive, disperse and account for all YDYH related finances, funds, and securities

  • Invoice & Collect all tuition monies

  • Periodically check PO Box and distribute any information or mail. Deposit any money received by mail in a timely manner

  • Count and record all monies from events on the day of the event.

  • Deposit all monies in a timely manner and verify all cash deposits by an additional BOD member.  

  • Dispense YDYH funds as approved by the BOD.

  • Proper keeping of books and prepare any financial statements as required by federal, state and local laws

  • Prepare monthly P&L, updated Budget to actual, and Balance Sheet and present at monthly Board meetings

  • Chair the Budget Committee and present the proposed budget by August BOD Meeting

  • Obtain a financial review by an outside, non-interested CPA yearly

  • Preside in the absence of the President and Vice President.

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • One Voting Privilege


Secretary / Registrar

The Secretary shall be responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Keep an accurate up to date list of the names, birth certificates, and contact information of all members and post rosters on website.

  • Collect USA Hockey numbers from all players and coaches prior to August 30th of each year.

  • Attend Registrar’s District meeting every August

  • Confirm Team Playdown teams with district

  • Ensure coaches have completed any necessary accreditation for USA Hockey

  • Be liaison with USA Hockey to set up, create, submit and update all hockey rosters for approval.

  • Submit rosters to appropriate leagues and tournaments

  • Provide Game labels to coaches or give them tools to do so themselves

  • Communicate and/or post all correspondence of YDYH delegated to him/her by the Board of Directors in a timely manner

  • Maintain constant email communication with board, teams, and membership

  • Manage and update website and all other forms of social medial or designate someone to do so

  • Schedule team and tournament photos in November with photographer

  • Record the proceedings and archive accurate minutes of all Association proceedings

  • Send out Board meeting minutes for approval within 2 weeks of meeting date for Board approval and post meeting minutes on the YDYH website within 5 days of approval..

  • Handle and maintain all current and past correspondence

  • Send all program communications to members

  • Plan Annual Banquet

  • Obtain information for team and specialty awards.  Order trophies for year end banquet.

  • Pass all Association property to successor

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • One Voting Privilege


Ice Scheduler

The Ice Scheduler shall be responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Review previous year ice times and create proposed schedule for the following season

  • Obtain sign off from BOD President prior to committing practice and game ice times @ TKA.

  • Commit all practice and game ice times with TKA Rink Manager

  • Update league’s website with teams practice and game schedules

  • Schedule time keepers and head referees for all home games as warranted by the league.

  • Confirm YDYH team placements for play downs.

  • Post and distribute Ice Schedule.

  • Communicate any practice or game changes as needed.

  • Assist President with Tryouts (organize check in, pinneys, groups etc..)

  • Attend District 5 State meetings in Wareham

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • One Voting Privilege


TKA Reps (Tony Kent Arena) - 2 Individuals

The TKA Reps shall be responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Represent YDYH and the BOD at all Tony Kent Arena (TKA) meetings

  • Submit meeting minutes and report any TKA business to the YDYH BOD

  • Co-Chair the YDYH Capital Budget Committee

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • One Voting Privilege for Each Rep - Two Voting Privileges


Member Elect / Coaching Director

The Member Elect / Coaching Director shall be responsible for the following, but not limited to:

  • Chair Coaching Selection Committee

  • Work closely with Registrar and assist in registration

  • Liaison between Membership, BOD and Coaches to address any concerns of membership.

  • With the coaches, create skill goals and practice plans books per age level to teach the kids throughout the season

  • Be sure coaches are following guidelines set forth by YDYH and USA / MA Hockey

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • One Voting Privilege


Director of Girls Hockey

  • Works with the girl teams’ coaches, President, Vice President, and Treasurer to create a program and environment that promotes girls hockey.

  • Market CC Waves across the Cape

  • Recruit girls players to fill CC Waves’  teams and build enrollment and competitiveness on the ice and oversee Waves’ Tryouts

  • Create a fun and competitive atmosphere to draw new girl players and satisfy current

  • Oversee Cranberry Tournament & Assume role of Tournament Director Chair in the case one has not been established

  • Propose change to add Voting privilege


Appointed Committee Members


Leagues Rep

  • Attend and represent YDYH at monthly League meetings and provide written report to YDYH Secretary and President.

  • Communicate all League information to BOD as necessary

  • No Voting Privileges


Equipment Manager

  • Manage all program equipment and facilities

  • Manage all bags for Grow Hockey

  • Disburse and collect game shirts, coaches equipment - pucks, first aid kits, clip boards, pennies and any additional equipment used

  • Purchase any additional shirts needed with Board approval

  • Contact coaches or Registrar to determine number of players on each team for proper amount of equipment needed

  • Take inventory at the beginning of each season to determine any additional equipment needs

  • Collect goalie equipment for Mites and Squirts

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • No Voting Privileges


Mite Coaching Directors

  • Responsible for Grow Hockey Program

  • Help create standardize practice plans with Mite coaches

  • Marketing program, recruiting, and enrolling new players

  • Distribute all flyers and be creative in ways of creating a fun atmosphere for new players to consider playing hockey

  • Attend monthly board meetings

  • No Voting Privileges


Goalie Coaching Director

  • Conduct regular skill practices for goalies

  • Work with Coaches to address goalie needs

  • Create plans for coaches to run in their practices for goalies

  • No Voting Privileges


Chair(s) of Fundraising

  • Assuming the role of Chair of Golf Tournament

  • Assuming the role of Chair of the Summer Splash

  • Assuming the role of the Co-Chair of the Cranberry Tournament Fundraising including fundraising functions for the tournament and the program booklet


Cranberry Tournament Director

  • Assuming the role of the Co-Chair of the Cranberry Tournament Director

    • Secure teams & registrations

    • Schedule Ice

    • Run all on rink activities