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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2017

In Attendance: Marc Howard, Chris Martin, Anthony Baroni, Jeff Johnson, John Julian, Trish McDowell, Kelley Sullivan, John Terrio, Jennifer Armandi, Dan Popovich, Lindsay Marceau

Meeting called to order 6:10 PM

1). Fundraising

Focus on summer splash, put off street hockey. Enthusiastic group of people. Summer Splash on June 3 (Saturday night) at Stonewood. Goal for 150 people. Various members of the committee are reaching out to possible caterers, musicians, and also looking for auction items.


2). On the Ice

Discussion around tryouts, best way to proceed, and continuance of transparent process.  Further discussion around final scores of players; scores are relative to the players that try out. Coaches have input in addition to the unbiased raters for on ice skills. Lindsay researched how other teams handle tryouts, specifically surrounding tryout & commitment fees and turnaround time for verbal commitment. 

Regarding Dolphins tryouts & scores, we will proceed the same as last year with a 60/40 split between coach input and skills, respectively.

Motion made by John Julian to hold Dolphin tryouts in March, dates TBD; skills on the first night and then scrimmage on the following night. Must be there both nights. $100 tryout fee. Chris Martin seconds the motion and the motion passes unanimously.

Regarding the Waves – it was brought to our attention that parents/players want to know who coaches are prior to tryouts, but we don't know how many teams we need yet, so at this time we cannot pre-determine who all of our coaches will be. Number of teams are based on number of players that tryout and then commit. Because we get a lot of female players from other towns and programs that tryout, the tryout split will be 75/25 skills and coach input, respectively.

Motion made by John Julian to adopt a tryout format allow 75% 25% skills/coaching, which requires raters for the first night and second night will be a scrimmage, and players need to attend both days. Dates TBD. Tryout $75 fee $400 commitment fee. Chris Martin seconds the motion. There was some discussion about the commitment fee, but after such discussion, the motion passed unanimously. 

Summer Training - Chris to work on this, more to come at a later date.


3). Tony Kent Update/Report

John Terrio reported over $500 income for skate sharpening since the machine was purchased. Turcotte skating clinics coming this summer. New insulation being added. TKA board discussion continues on manager position. John met with Barry O'Neill, young professional. Connections with minor league players, interested in putting on a presentation for us and if we allowed him, put something together for the coaches. 

We were able to secure rink boards from Martha’s Vineyard; we need to pick up. Committed for outside skate space. 


4). Board Development

We are continuing to look for talent that exists within our organization – focus on finding individuals who want the best for the program as a whole; what skill sets are we missing? Each person is reaching out to potential candidates. Jenn will send e-mail to organization about opportunities available for the upcoming year. Marc suggested we look at potential candidates outside of the organization to fill some vacancies, but ideally, we will be able to have parents/guardians, people with a vested interest in the organization to volunteer.


5). Bylaws

John Julian had previously sent to the board for their consideration a packet of new bylaws and asked for suggestions/changes prior to this meeting. He presented an updated version which was reviewed. Major changes: certain positions were eliminated (Bingo coordinator, i.e.) the Registrar is now appointed by the Secretary and there is a creation of an executive committee comprised of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

After discussion of the bylaws, Chris Martin made a motion to approve new by-laws with clerical corrections. John Terrio seconds the motion and the motion passes unanimously.


6). Other Business

Quick review of up to date P&L and Balance Sheet. John Terrio makes a motion to accept treasurer’s report as presented, John Julian seconds and the motion passes unanimously.

Anthony mentioned that there is a symposium on May 13th at the Boston Copley Marriott about all you need to know about running a program for anyone that may be interested.

Squirt Wales invited to State Tournament! John Julian makes a motion that we pay whatever expenses necessary for state tournament up to $1500; John Terrio seconds the motion, and the motion passes unanimously.

Possible strength conditioning opportunity with YD Hockey/Cape Cod Waves. Use of upstairs room at TKA for strength/endurance of players. More discussion at next meeting about structure/tuition.


Meeting adjourned at 8:53 PM. Next meeting will be a general membership meeting, TBD.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Armandi