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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2017

In Attendance: Marc Howard, Chris Martin, Anthony Baroni, Jeff Johnson, John Julian, Trish McDowell, Kelley Sullivan, Jennifer Armandi, Dan Popovich, Lindsay Marceau, John Julian

Absent: John Terrio

Meeting called to order 7:13 PM

1). On the Ice

  • Leagues – SNEHC - still a good league to be a part of. Top team in each division has to play in top division. Grow – about 35 attendees for second half. Waves  - stay with NEGHL. Additionally, we should be recruiting coaches during this time, too – Marc to look for potential candidates.

  • Tryouts – Plan to spend February meeting on tryout strategy. We need dates and people to commit to run them. In the past, we’ve partnered with Barnstable and provided reciprocal ‘judging’ but is there a better way to do this? If we continue with the Barnstable partnership, we need to also work around their tryout schedule (if they have one, yet) so we can accommodate both teams’ needs. Once we commit to dates, Kelley will book ice time for tryouts. We will attempt to work around tournaments as best as possible, but March is looking busy for player tournaments. Waves generally have tryouts a week after. Also to be discussed will be financial structure of tryout/commitment fees. Lindsay to look into tryout structure for other NEGHL teams. Want to encourage people to play and stay with program, however need concrete numbers for ice scheduling/team planning.

2). Treasurer Reports – We are still collecting residual of money from Cranberry Tournament, forecasting about $10,000 less than last year based on fewer participants (less teams) however, sales of advertisements and stars were up in 2016. Things should be well set as we are well into our season. Anthony & Trish are working together on generating up to date reports. 

3). Tony Kent Update/Report – We need to keep in mind that TKA is a fully non-profit group. Concerns about the new rink (Total Athletics); they will probably be looking to build team and pilfer kids from programs, including ours. What do we do to remain competitive? Summer camp sessions, etc.? Strong coaching, strong teams and must remain unified program.

4). Board Development – Handful of parents came to the meet and greet that was held in December; some candidates stand out. We need to remember that board development is a constant, on-going process. There will be a continual need to fill board positions. Need a combination of strong, organized people with folks that have a hockey background. Anthony suggested that board members take an accreditation course to learn more, too.

5). By-Laws – Revisit in February; John J to email all current members proposed by-laws for review and forward any comments/questions/concerns directly to him....) Waves would not be separate by-laws but have their own section under YD. 

6). Other Business –

  • Bulletin Board! Need to continue to work on them.

  • Practice Facility – Ray Vincent to take on project, believes he can have it done by the spring.

  • Fundraising – 2 events, possibly 3. Summer Splash will return, and then possibly a fishing tournament, combo land/sea so all kids have a chance to participate. We should have a concrete date for these items for our February meeting.

  • Also for February meeting, discussion around Waves structure.

Next meeting scheduled for Monday, February 6th at 6 PM.


Meeting adjourned at 8:28 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Jennifer Armandi