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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2016

In Attendance: Marc Howard, Chris Martin, Anthony Baroni, Jeff Johnson, John Julian, Trish McDowell, Kelley Sullivan, John Terrio, Jennifer Armandi
Absent: Dan Popovich, Lindsay Marceau

Meeting called to order 6:06 PM

1). On the Ice

  • Mites – Good numbers, enjoying the season thus far.

  • GROW – 45-55 (+6 parents) hoping to move to 2 days a week after the first of the year/second half of season. Need to figure out where the time is. Dec 17, bag return for kids who aren’t continuing.

  • Squirt -- decent division, need to go up or divvy up teams a little more.

  • Pee Wee, 1 team is undefeated; if went up to A division, not a good fit.

  • Waves – Cranberry Tournament was a positive experience for the kids. Need to review in the spring what our options are to keep players happy and competitive. 

2). Treasurer Reports

  • Cranberry Classic - 1 team left to pay. If we do not receive money from hotels by January, follow up with Chamber.  

  • Tuition collection - down to $2,500 outstanding. Invoiced and deadline by Dec 23.

  • Need to determine tuition for GROW in second half of season. 

A motion was made by Kelley to  set GROW Hockey tuition at $250 but give committee ithe ability to increase or decrease $25 once the final number of players is confirmed. John J seconded the motion. Discussion was had regarding the breakeven point for Grow, and we need to have 18 kids play in order to break even regarding the cost benefit of running the program. The motion passes unanimously.

Another motion was made by Kelley to approve treasurer reports as presented.  John J seconded the motion and it passes unanimously.


  • DY Girls & Boys Hockey Program Book - John J makes motion to take a full page ad in yearbooks at $500 a piece. Trish M seconds. Passes unanimously 

  • Additional money for scholarships: Kelley withdraws the request

  • Video Camera: Request by Chris. Forsees using the camera to film games, use as a tool for training. At this time, the board feels that we should reach out to the Comm unity Center Media to see about collaborating with them on such a project, and they can also edit film as well. Jenn will reach out to her contacts about this initiative and will report back.

3). Tony Kent Update/Report

John T - skate sharpening machine has been purchased, sign on door to get ahold of zamboni driver to sharpen skates. Feedback was that this process was not a great experience during Cranberry Tournament. Rink will be selling card of 10 sharpening for $50 ($5 a piece;) otherwise, each sharpening will cost $7. Conversion for party room in effect. 

Ray Vincent is now working with Chris on outdoor skating facility.

4). Board Development

  • Social Event on December 13, Tony Kent – engage parents of current players to identify potential volunteers. Chris to bring in pizza and invite membership to come and learn about volunteer opportunities. Start to work on a list of potential parents and identify their skill set/abilities to help on the board.

  • Nominating committee to resume responsibilities in 2017.

5). ByLaws

John Julian passed out the proposed ByLaws with updated position desctiptions. One potential discussion item is do the proceeds from the Cranberry Tournament belong in the bylaws for the purpose of building the Capital Fund?

6). Other Business

If a team wants to participate in tournament, how do they pay? Each team gets $750; if a tournament exceeds then up to team to fundraise the difference.

Kelley made a motion to approve (8) teams to have $750 from YDYH Hockey to apply towards tuition for participation in tournaments. Trish seconded the motion. Discussion was had surrounding the approval of $500 or $1,000. It was decided to return back to the original recommendation of $750. Motion passes unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Jennifer Armandi