Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

November 2, 2016

In attendance: Marc Howard, Chris Martin, Anthony Baroni, Jeff Johnson, John Julian, Trish McDowell, Kelley Sullivan, John Terrio, Lindsay Marceau, Jennifer Armandi

Absent: Dan Popovich

Meeting called to order 6:06 PM


1). Cranberry Tournament

Cranberry Tournament is on Thanksgiving weekend; we have 65 teams signed up at this time. focus on selling book sponsorships to businesses as well as restaurants with a coupon. Jenn will send to membership with a focus on selling player stars, ask Danielle to load sponsorship form to all 3 wbsites. Also needed are raffle items and volunteers to help during the tournament.


2). Grow Hockey

Currently have 50 players signed up to play, and a few parent volunteers have also stepped forward asking to help. All players and parents MUST have a USA Hockey number submitted prior to going onto the ice. Chris to reach out to older kids to see who can help the younger kids for the first few weeks.


3). Treasurer’s Report

Trish reported that she gave parents a hard deadline for receiving tuition payments or agreements to pay of Nov 1. As a result, receivables are down considerably. Discussion around the creation of capital fund committee – is it necessary? Need to look at our plan for financial continuity.


4). Tony Kent Report

Regarding Ice Times – Learn to Skate program currently at 5 PM on Wednesdays; can they move to 4PM to accommodate our need for more ice? Somehow we need to find more ice time. Wednesday 5PM ice time is ideal for Grow Hockey. Possibly Sundays for Grow? Need to re-evaluate schedule once we find more ice time.

John Terrio gave a brief overview since our last meeting. TKA is re-evaluating the skate sharpening device, not as good as origianally thought. Possibility of buying machine that’s there from Butler’s, as they offered to train employees on how to use it.


5). Board Development

Creation of Board Development Committee, comprised of Anthony, John Terrio, John Julian, Jenn Armandi & Marc Howard. We need to identify talented, committed people with a variety of skills that want leadership position within organization. Plan to meet in November for first meeting, time TBD.

By-laws are being addressed/revamped which will have impact on types of board positions we employ moving forward. We also need to obtain the Waves by-laws.               

Discussion was had around a parent social during practices – utilize upstairs space, order pizza and have more of an open type of event versus board meeting.


6). Other business

  • Cape Cod Waves – Players that are playing with the Waves must pay, or they cannot play. Players getting ice time without having financial commitment to the program. Any skater that plays MUST be USA Hockey registered, and the number has to be sent to Kelley or Jenn. We also need medical waivers for certain players.

  • Winter schedule – look at where teams are playing, try to utilize flex schedule. If we are able to recruit players from outside the program, they will be placed on Winston’s team.

  • Coaches need to look at schedule and work with Kelley ahead of time. Communication is key; if they know a team will be short players, communicate early and often so we can find solution.

  • If girls are just playing but not practicing, should they pay? If they are consistently playing for us, then yes, they should pay. Need to address what that fee is.

  • Received parent correspondence regarding tuition/dual roster of children within the program. After some discussion about the situation, John Julian made a motion to allow these specific families to pay $300 to play on both teams/dual roster. Money to be allocated from our capital fund to make up the difference of the dual roster YD/Waves tuition. Kelley seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.

  • League meeting on November 10th at 6:30 PM; Kelley cannot attend, nor can Jenn. We will reach out to Sarah Blake to see if she can attend on our behalf.

Meeting Adjourned 7:49 PM


Respectfully Submitted,


Jennifer Armandi