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December 11, 2019


In attendance- Jon, Alan, Kim, Kirsten, Annette, Meredith, Jill, Jason, Bobby



Board Development- Fundraising- TKA brought on someone to fundraise, maybe she would help YDYH. Maybe someone could take on Summer Splash. Jason will talk to her in January. In The mean time keep any eye out


Bryan Taylor is no longer equipment manager. We need to fill that role.


Updated financials- Bobby to finish updating and Cranberry Tournament.


Rockland Trust- Not going to change banks until we go through checks. Can happen before the end of the season. Talk about taking a portion of whats in the account and move into a new account at Rockland Trust. 


Tuition- Couple dozen people still owe. Anyone on payment plans are ok. Need to put something in place that commitment fees be paided in order to be on the ice. Pick a due date?


TKA Update- Heats still not on. Was supposed to be on by today but is still not on. Waiting on parts? According to Jason -Lew told TKA to turn it on. Blade has been replaced on zamboni and now ice can be redone. TKA coming up with a 3-5 year plan for repairs. Longer terms goals to bring rink up to par. 


Tryouts dates- Alan to get playoff schedule in order to set tryout dates.


Banquet date- Also pending playoffs? Usually first week in April.

Cranberry Update- Everything went well. Kim will not be doing it next year per Kim.


Waves development- Jon wants to keep the program going for girls about to age out. Waves night, invite all girls for skills. Feed off the tournament. 3v3 or pick up night. Come up with a date. Annette to check out options for dates available.


Summer Splash- Jon would like to give up the role of organizing.


South Shore update- Some still struggling. All fine according to Alan. 

Schedule update- couple time slots available is south shore going to use that ice time? Clinics are going well. Do we keep it going? Ask George about every other week or once a month. 3-4 more times. Other side of the ice could be for girls. 


Christmas break hockey- Dennis to put together an email regarding skating over break. 


GROW- registration is open. Its online. Jill will send email. 


apital Fund- Goalie Clinic/Checking Clinic- could be paid for with capital funds? Bobby suggested waiting till end of the year to see if the money could come from there at the end of the year. 


Bobby motioned to adjourn the meeting. All in favor.