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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes - General Membership Meeting

October 12, 2016

In attendance: Anthony Baroni, Lindsay Marceau, Trish McDowell, John Julian, Jennifer Armandi, Kelley Sullivan, John Terrio, Dan Popovich

Absent: Jeff Johnson, Chris Martin, Marc Howard

General Members Present: Lisa Mingo, Dan Towers, Gretchen Towers, Wendy Veara, Scott Ceara, Liz Cohen

Meeting Called to order 6:11 PM

1). On the Ice

Mites – season is off to a great start, we have 4 teams total, with one participating in the SNEHC (Mite Smythe.) Squirts has 2 teams this year, Pee Wee has a total of 3 teams, WavesU14 Blue has lost some players. More information below regarding this. Waves U19 is in good shape.

Grow Hockey – registration is open, and season starts on Saturday Nov 12th

Waves U14 teams – there is some concern from parents about this team in particular. Parent question – why are we not combining teams? Discussion was had regarding about the lack of players on one team. 32 girl players participated in tryouts. Based on skills, we divided into two 16 member teams. Before season started, some girls dropped out of the program for a variety of reasons (other sports, etc.) This created an issue with one team in particular who now doesn’t have a sufficient number of players. We are trying to have some Pee Wee girls play up, but there are game scheduling conflicts.

Another parent question was discussed about the league in particular. Why are we in the NEGHL vs South Shore Conference? Kelley explained process and decision by SS Conference in that they only let so many number of teams in and that we were not welcomed into the program. (Post meeting, Kelley provided an e-mail correspondence to show that the South Shore conference denied us entry into their league.) Regardless, the Board’s feeling is that the NEGHL is a better conference to be in, as it prepares girls to be as competitive as possible.

The question becomes, how do we attract girls to the program, and what do we do in the interm? We need to be more proactive and gain commitment sooner to ensure proper numbers for teams. Additionally, the responsibility falls to Wave Director and girls coaches to recruit and keep players. Liz Cohen suggested that we know who the coaches are prior to tryouts and promote that we are in a more competitive league, and that we also offer girls only skills. In the meantime, we need to dual roster for supplemental players, reach out to lower Cape girls to see if they will come back, and let Gerard inquire about getting other players.

We need to re-evaluate our process before the next season starts as well.

Skills - Lost our Mite/Squirts skills; couldn’t commit the time for only an hour. Lewis ALberti is helping with skills. How can we re-introduce skills for younger kids? Looking at ice time availability and/or how to combine some practice time. Lindsay may have a solution, will communicate with Kelley and we will move forward from there.

Goalie skills on Wednesday evenings.

2). Fundraising

Cranberry Tournament -- starting to get registrations. Coaches are looking at forming teams to participate. Coupon book information is going out, and Carol Terrio ordered medals and tee-shirts. Shortly after the BOD meeting, we secured a photographer to shoot the event.

Lindsay - Idea for fundraiser; related to providence bruins tickets. Will work on this and an e-mail will go out to membership.

3). Treasurer Reports

Focus on getting receivables up to date. Many players haven’t paid tuition. Trish to work with parents on getting tuition paid, and will also work on getting agreements for parents that can’t pay the full sum up front. Trish will also be alerting coaches to which players haven’t paid.

At this point, our ice expense hasn’t been invoiced, expect to receive it soon.

4). Tony Kent Update

Butler's is not coming bac; staffing issues. TKA voted to spend up to $6500 to take old girls locker room into skate shop, train staff on how to sharpen skates. Vending machines may be an option to sell tape, mouth guards, etc. John J made recommendation to hire mature high school kids to run the skate shop. Want better use of space. In the meantime, will have someone here for Cranberry Tournament to sharpen skates. Tony Kent has stepped down as president. Neal Donahue is assuming the president's role, and there will also be some by law changes. Financially, building is in good shape. Tremendous improvements, i.e. Solar Roof. John Terrio has been voted in as VP. Looking into cost of generator and instillation. Snack Bar (Paradise Pizza) is committed, but need to drive people into building. Other improvements are having a total of 2 Zamobinis, new parking lot, etc. Lots of structural improvements. 

Outdoor Rink - pushed back until at least next spring. Screened in practice facility. Use only in off season? More questions and information needed about this venture.

5). Other business

  • Decals on helmets; Signorama is willing to work with us. One for each side of the helmet with players numbers. Looking at more cost effective ways to do this -- $184 for 150 helmets. 

The group decided to spend the funds on the helmet decals, but hold off on jersey numbers as with dual rostering, jersey numbers changed.

  • The second Wednesday of the month meeting time is inconvenient for some. Jenn to email BOD to find a more agreeable time.

Meeting adjourned - 8:06 PM 


Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Armandi