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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

July 16, 2019

In attendance- Meredith, Jon, Bobby, Annette, Jill, Kim, Dennis, Alan

Absent- Jason, Bryan


Treasury report- no changes from last month. In last month report showed paid South Shore Conference

payments, moved to next months. Budget is spot on, expected to

be even. Budget to be reorganized on paper to be more clear. Next year budget not done yet. Bobby and Jon

to meet regarding that.


Cranberry Tournament- Still will need Anthony for some things. He is willing to help.


2019/2020 Budget- Budget to be finalized in August.


Changes- commitments are an issue. Waves GU14 team didn’t happen. GU19 Waves cost for SSC with 15

games cost would 8250 for game ice. Tuition approved. Annette suggested take Cranberry money to cover this season for

GU19 season. Girls already approved for Southshore Conference. Next year to revisit.


Commitments still due. Even if all are paid still not enough. To be reviewed.


Jon suggest to merge teams to make more flexibility with money. YD to be fined for changes made.


Conference Update- They don’t meet in June or July, Alan has been in contact via email. Meetings to start

in August.


Board still needs Registar position filled.


Jill to update bio on website. Members will send along info.


Coaches meeting to be in August with SSC.


Summer Hockey/Barry- Dennis has enough to run his program. 15 kids with 2 goalies as of now.

Commitment Payments- PW2 1 goalie and 9 skaters have commitments. PW1 1 goalie and 11 skaters. B1- 1

goalie and 10 skaters. B2- 1 goalie and 11 skaters. SQ1- 1 goalie and 12 skaters. SQ3 light numbers- 1 goalie

and 8 skaters. SQ2- 11 skaters. Talk about pulling kids up for max of 5 games if needed. Talk about

absorbing squirts teams. Someone to call to confirm commitments are being paid.


Annette made a motion to pay the fees to league and combine squirt teams. Alan and Dennis second. All in



Practice Schedule- Same as last year.


TKA update- they want to have a meeting on the schedule. TKA management wants ice time booked faster.

Dennis suggested moving the outdoor boards inside.


Summer Splash update- we need sponsors and donations. Jon to send out email. Using social media to gain

interest. Jill to add Meredith as an Admin to website.



Cranberry Tournament- need sponsors for that as well. Website registration is up and running. LOGO to be

updated by Dawn for approval. New email is cccranberryclassic@gmail.com. Cranberrytournament.org fee to

stay the same.


Dennis would like approval to get 5 alternate players for his Batham 2 team. Board discussed.


Motion made to end meeting by Bobby, Alan second.