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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 10, 2016

In attendance: Anthony Baroni, Lindsay Marceau, Trish McDowell, Dan Popovich, Chris Martin, Marc Howard, John Julian, Jennifer Armandi, Kelley Sullivan

Absent: Jeff Johnson, John Terrio

Meeting called to order at 6:14 PM


1). On the Ice

Mite Team League – 50 total Mite Players, 38 Green, 12 Gold.  Need active and involved coaches for this group. Chris' recommendation is to have 4 teams of 10 and play in Falmouth for Mite Green. Or 3 teams of 9, knowing that not all can commit to each week?Conversation around house league, again. Too late for this year to consider due to ice time commitments, but perhaps a consideration for next year.

PeeWee - 3 teams of 10, only 2 goalies. Regarding the PeeWee Norris team, discussion about goalie was had regarding filling it with Aaron Howard and others who want to play; Mark Howard will contact the coach directly.  

Waves - No goalies U12/U14. We are recruiting outside goalies for the team in addition to developing some within. However, the needs of each team now is in the hands of the coaches.  Suggestion is to have coaches get as many players to ‘tryout’ as goalies. Players to dress up and see who is the right fit for the position.

Bantams - everyone committed with 15 players. Because a player decided not to play due to the numbers on the Bantam team, it is being asked if the monies paid to date can be applied to another sibling, as the player dropping out was in the best interest of the program.

Chris Martin makes a motion to transfer the funds to the sibling that is on the YD Program, Lindsay Marceau seconded, and the motion passes unanimously.


Skills Director –  

An ad was placed for the position and we received many applicants. Narrowed down to 2 candidates. Chris provided an overview of both candidates and their resumes.  As this is a new position for the program, the BOD will continue to monitor the position and progress throughout the year.


John Julian makes motion to recommend and approve our final candidate for director and special assistant to YD Hockey. Trish seconded, and the motion passes unanimously.


State Tournament – YDYH was asked about an opportunity to host a state tournament, but at this time, there are not enough resources to redirect, so at this time, we will pass on the request.


2). Fundraising

Summer Splash/Fall Fundraiser - October 1, Trying to settle on location. Bray Farm is becoming a complicated option, with the need for several permits, and licenses costing the organization up to about $650. Looking at other options, and will have a definite locale shortly, then we can work on auction items and raffle. Need folks to help with the organization and execution of event.

Cranberry Tournament  - Thanksgiving Weekend (November 25, 26 & 27.) We are registered, already talking about booking hotels, etc. with out of town teams/coaches.  JeffJohnson had good idea from last year about coupon book for people staying at tournament (restaurant coupons, etc.) so we will follow up on that.


3). Treasurer Reports


Wrap up of 2015-2016 Season, beginning of 2016-2017 season. Capital fund continues to grow, and it is important to remember that the Cranberry Tournament proceeds are to be reinvested in the program. Discussion around amending our bylaws to include this piece for perpetuity.


4). Tony Kent/Outdoor Rink Update


TKA Update/Outdoor Rink - Chris has proposed plans, estimates of about $65,000 to put outdoor rink in place. Chris will go before town to see about permitting and next steps. Considering ways on reducing final cost of rink, but permitting must be done before we can proceed.


5). Other Business


Out of Town Placement Policy – Discussion around how to place players from other towns. Best course of action is to start player at lowest level and then based on coaching recommendations and YDYH administration, can level up a player based on performance.


Code of Conduct – Needs to be overhauled


2016-2017 Picures – Jennifer to work with vendors on price and availability, will be scheduled for early November.


Safe Sport – Dan to send out to coaches, discussion at Coaches Meeting with assistant coaches also in attendance


Coaching jackets – we will make sure all coaches and assistant coaches have jackets


Schedule – revamp of ice times, will get updated schedule. Kelley may have to reschedule some games. More to come on the schedule.


Meeting adjourned at 8:27 PM. Next meeting scheduled for 6 PM on September 14, 2016, location TBD.


Respectfully Submitted,


Jennifer Armandi