October 15, 2019

Board Meeting- Closed session

In Attendance- Meredith, Kim, Jason, Bobby, Jon, Alan, Jill, Annette

Absent-  Kirstin, Dennis 

Budget Review- Collecting payments and families on payment plans. Cranberry tournament still collecting.

Motion to accept financials- J Shea, Meredith second all in favor

Commitment payments- Jon and Bobby to review.

Capital fund movement- Intermediate nets were needed on South Shore Conference Alan made motion to have capital fund pay for nets. Alan made motion, Meredith seconded motion. All in favor. 

Capital fund used for improvement of YD youth hockey. Conversation had about scope of how money can be spent. Talked about allotting a percentage that can be used towards purchases. Votes taken on purchases put on the table. Rules should be written to restrict how funds are spent, put money in a fund that gains money. 

Ice for clinics, goalie equipment, grow bags, playdown games all items that could be funded with capital fund. A conversation could be had later or via email. 

Billing- current rates $265/ice. $25 for laura Foss, $20 for others. Proposed $275 per game ice, $30 to time keepers. Bobby made motion, Annette seconded.

TKA- potential capital improvements items.  TKA has funds in a CD. Their money should come into play when thinking about items they want to discuss. They have projects that they would like to be done.

More kids have reached out that want to come to YDYH. Where are we moving forward? 15 then become an alternate. Bantam also could get a player moving to town. To assess when they get here.

How to develop and get more kids involved? Start younger- learn to skate/play? 

Enter a float in Seaside Parade next year. Enter float or walk in St. Patricks Day parade. Meredith will contact them. 

GROW flyers- get them to Harwich. Jill to call their Administration Meredith to help facilitate getting flyers out. Strong GROW numbers at this point.

Public Session-

In Attendance- Meredith, Kim, Jason, Bobby, Jon, Alan, Jill, Annette, Dennis

Board Introductions

South Shore Conference Update- started season. 10 teams, 2 short season teams. Rest of teams are full season teams and parity round will end. 7 teams to move down. Mite 1’s to move to full ice. No lack of competition in league. Next session start in December. Submit to move down one level then get approval from SSC. Teams were submitted originally and top level team has to go to top division. 

Mite 1 full ice- SSC offers full ice as an option. YDYH cannot support it, head coach and team makes decision. Players did have to move in order to have full roster for full ice. Mite 2 team to add a player and move down a level. Mite 1 team decided after hearing 16 or 22 teams moving to full ice to make the move. Mite 1 team got the additional costs funded. Good thing for the program, could bring more players to our organization with the option of full ice. Mite 2 team will go ¾ ice. Mite 3 to stay in Falmouth and Mite 4 to stay ½ ice. Asked if a goalie can play down, answer is yes. Annette concerned with a goalie playing on multiple teams and not “passing the pads”. Dennis upset with the full ice move because of numbers. Lew would like a plan in place to be able to move kids more streamlined. Pulling from grow when it starts to add to the 3 & 4 teams. 

Commitment fees- always an issue to get people to commit. Offer a deal of some sort to pay early or by date? Can bring it to the board again to discuss for next year. We are working against the numbers. Try to find a way to build in the numbers a possibility of losing kids at the end. Why are people not committing? Jon has called many to ask why. Siblings on the same team? Financial issues? 

U19 waves/ U18 Boys/ Cranberry Tournament has 3 teams. U10, U12, U19. Per Lew DY to coup with Pope John Paul for the girls program.

New equipment- new mite nets, necessary for SSC. Shooter Tutors, banner.

Need a new equipment manager

Questions/ Open Discussion-

Advertising on social media for a goalie? $300 discount for goalies right off the bat. Falmouth has been helping Squirt 1 team with goalie position. Not available for tournaments. We can share on Facebook. 

Have a player? Need a player? Post on website or facebook? Players can’t move to Mite 1 from 2,3,4 once Mite 1 team is full ice because of insurance reasons. 

SSC rules state a player can play 8 games not back to back before they are moved up for good. 4 games back to back before moved up for good. Players can’t play down, goalie is the only exception. 

Mite 2 to work on getting a player if needed. Board to assist with emails.

Mite 4 is concerned with only having 2 games scheduled so far. Discussion about why games aren’t scheduled. Jon has talked to Canal, LC and Barnstable that are all committed to playing again this year in house. Keeping 4 team in house was a success last year in order to grow the program. Keeping them in house helps keep them local and let grow kids see the games. Other programs haven’t started yet and parents are questioning why they haven’t started yet. 

Charles Moore- Veterans Day tournament. Mite teams at each level. Justin Tavano to follow up and send email.

Lew- would like to have board vote on giving coaches sweatshirts and sweatshirts to them. He would like the board to reconsider giving coaches the incentive and represent the YDYH program. Mentioned dedicated goalie coach, teach them how to be goalie. May be worth looking into it. Hire someone. Bring someone here once a month maybe? Conversation started. 

Annette made motion to end meeting. Meeting Adjourned