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State Playdown Game
by posted 10/20/2019

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I wanted to touch base and let you all know that we have been scheduled to play the Lower Cape Coyotes on Friday November 1st at Charles Moore Arena in Orleans at 7 pm.  This is for state tournament seeding in the spring.

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by posted 10/18/2019

Hi Everyone,

A couple things:

1) There is no block of rooms available at the Valley Inn (although there are a couple individual rooms open).  Many of you have already booked rooms in the area but for those of you who haven’t, you should look to get a room as soon as possible.

2) I emailed the organizer of the tournament to ask about getting us scheduled in one of the later games for that Friday, but he said that the tournament is sold out and he can’t commit to a time slot for anyone.  The game schedule won’t be out until two weeks before that weekend.

3)if anyone is planning on having their daughter play in the Cranberry Classic let me know so that I can see how many players, if any, I will need to borrow from other teams.

3) If anyone won’t be at tomorrow’s game please let me know.


Your Coaches

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Waterville lodgings
by posted 10/14/2019

Hi Everyone,

Karla has been in contact with The Valley Inn about a small block of rooms potentially opening up tomorrow (there is another team that hasn’t filled their block) and we would like to het a head count for how many people will want a room there.  I know that some of you have already booked in other nearby places, so we just need a count for how many want to stay at the Inn.  Please let me know as soon as you can as they will by calling tomorrow.  Thanks again.



PS- there are still some availablity at the Snowy Owl as well for those who would prefer to stay there.

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by posted 10/11/2019

Hello Everyone, Here is a link to the tournament brochure that gives a nice overview of everything that we can expect. Some of you have asked about what time our first game might be on that Friday as we may have to pull kids from school that day. What I've been told is that the first games usually start just before lunch, but we won't know our exact schedule until about two weeks before. I will make sure to post the schedule the moment that I get it. http://online.flipbuilder.com/bzps/vjws/ Also, for anyone that ordered any team apparel back in September, Brian Taylor informed me that most everything should be in by the end of the month. I will let you know when it arrives. Finally, next weekend Jeff and Mick are taking their coaching certification course and CJ Penna has agreed to help me on the bench so if you look over and see a strange face on the bench that's why. Thanks and see you all tomorrow! Your Coaches

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add on to earlier email
by posted 10/09/2019

One quick add on: the cost for the tournament is $1550 of which YD youth hockey will reimburse us $500. That will leave us on the hook for the remaining $1050. If we get full participation that would amount to about $65 per player. It's a relatively small amount but there are also options for bringing it down. Some teams hold fundraisers or can drives or other things of that nature. I am open to any and all suggestions!

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by posted 10/09/2019

Hello Everyone, I wanted to update everyone regarding entering our team into a tournament this winter. I know that most, if not all, of you have been asked by Karla and Bobby Callachan (big thanks to them for their help!) about interest in attending the same Waterville Valley tourney that the Squirt 1 team is in. It sounds like we have enough people on board so I am entering us for the weekend of January 3-5. I had been delaying tournament options until we were able to play a couple of games so that I could see what level of competition we should be facing. I spoke with the person who does all of the placement for the teams and he is going to put us in the "C" level bracket which will match us up with teams of a similar makeup. He uses player ages, experience, and team records for seeding to ensure that all teams are evenly matched which goes a long way towards making sure that the kids have fun and make some positive memories! Karla has put together some lodging options for people to look at and we recommend that you make arrangements rather quickly. Thank you for your patience with all of this! https://shop.waterville.com/ecomm/shop/lodging/6648032/en-US/?arrivalDate=01/03/2020&departureDate=01/05/2020&adultcount=2&childCount=2 https://www.google.com/travel/hotels/Waterville%20Valley/entity/CgsI9tLR7duVz7mLARAB?g2lb=2502548%2C4208993%2C4253230%2C4254308%2C4258168%2C4260007%2C4270442%2C4274032%2C4276661%2C4282066%2C4282188%2C4283889%2C4285990%2C4288513%2C4288815%2C4291318%2C4296667%2C4298853%2C4300060%2C4301054%2C4308215%2C4312827%2C4313484%2C4270859%2C4284970%2C4291517%2C4292954&hl=en&gl=us&un=1&q=waterville%20valley%20lodging&rp=EN_w1Z2B99isTBD20tHt25XPuYsBEL2o7pSs4pWrRDgCQABIAg&ictx=1&hrf=CgUIyAEQACIDVVNEKhYKBwjkDxABGAMSBwjkDxABGAUYAiABsAEAWAFoAYoBKAoSCfdkuwSZ-EVAEdwbsdK_4FHAEhIJH1e4w0P6RUAR3BuxEhfgUcCaARMSEVdhdGVydmlsbGUgVmFsbGV5ogEdCggvbS8weGgxahIRV2F0ZXJ2aWxsZSBWYWxsZXmSAQIgAQ&tcfs=EjcKCC9tLzB4aDFqEhFXYXRlcnZpbGxlIFZhbGxleRoYCgoyMDIwLTAxLTAzEgoyMDIwLTAxLTA1IhgKCjIwMjAtMDEtMDMSCjIwMjAtMDEtMDVSAA&ap=KigKEgn3ZLsEmfhFQBHcG7HSv-BRwBISCR9XuMND-kVAEdwbsRIX4FHAMAJakQEKBQjIARAAIgNVU0QqFgoHCOQPEAEYAxIHCOQPEAEYBRgCIAGwAQBYAWgBigEoChIJbRWLnlD4RUAR3BuxVLbgUcASEgl8gJdh-_lFQBHcG7GUDeBRwJoBExIRV2F0ZXJ2aWxsZSBWYWxsZXmiAR0KCC9tLzB4aDFqEhFXYXRlcnZpbGxlIFZhbGxleZIBAiAB&ved=0CBMQyfcEahgKEwjA17L2kY3lAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQ3wc https://www.airbnb.com/s/Waterville-Valley--NH/homes?query=Waterville%20Valley%2C%20NH&checkin=2020-01-03&checkout=2020-01-05&adults=2&children=2&infants=0&guests=4&place_id=ChIJpSYNoglws0wRh_G7OF7B8IQ&refinement_paths%5B%5D=%2Ffor_you&toddlers=0&source=mc_search_bar&search_type=unknown

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Picture night
by posted 10/08/2019

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that tonight is picture night so pleas check your email for the order form and make sure to have your game jerseys ready. Thanks

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